Disability support equipment can be expensive to purchase, and when it comes time to sell it, it’s good to know it can be professionally sanitised for ongoing use.
Let Rocky Bay Equipment prepare your items for sale with a professional, hospital grade sanitising service at our Cockburn Central hub.
A group of Rocky Bay white and metal commodes are placed close together and are clean.

Using a combination of steam and chemical solution, just about any equipment can be sanitised, from manual wheelchairs, shower and toilet chairs, crutches and even beds. As long as the item does not contain electrical parts, it can be sanitised. Our customers sanitise goods that are no longer needed, recently purchased pre-owned or even just in need of a good clean. If you have an item you no longer require and it could do with a clean, contact us to see if we can pass it on to someone new.


Using a hospital grade sanitising machine, Rocky Bay can prepare your pre-owned equipment for sale.

Each piece of equipment is hit with a burst of high pressure steam and a chemical solution – it’s a bit like a giant dishwasher!

Anything up to a king-single sized bed, provided the item does not have any electrical parts. Manual wheelchairs are ok, powered wheelchairs are not.

Yes. The sterilisation service meets the ISO, Medical Device Directive, Standard 15883 part 7 requirements for non-thermo, chemical disinfection. – ISO 15883.

Yes. We can organise to collect and return your item for a small fee.

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