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Rocky Bay Equipment has a large selection of specialised refurbished healthcare equipment available for hire and purchase. Our expert team will be able to assist you with selecting and customising the right equipment for your needs. Choose from a range of professionally sterilised manual wheelchairs, walking frames, beds, commodes and more for your temporary needs, or as backup to your main equipment.

Our customers often hire equipment because of a temporary injury, or while a relative with support needs is visiting. Whatever your reason, buying or hiring from Rocky Bay Equipment is a cost effective way to support you and the people you care for. All items are available from Rocky Bay’s Cockburn office hub and transport options can be arranged.

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Finding the right solution for you is a labour of love. Located at our Cockburn branch (with a mobile service also available), our equipment services look past what’s holding you back to the potential within. Often that means bringing together a team of problem solvers – from OTs, physios and fitness people, to technicians and onsite upholsterers – who work with you to deeply understand your unique needs. We’ll call you on the phone, chat in person, take body measurements and inspect the environments you interact with day-to-day, then form a detailed solution plan that helps you achieve #yourgoals.

This looks different for everyone. You may need a basic wheelchair to help get around while your broken leg heals. Maybe you’ve endured physical discomfort for many years and need a custom chair individually moulded to your body. Or perhaps you just want to find a way to communicate with people. There are so many technology solutions we can take advantage of, from NASA-designed heat wicking fabric, to neural and eye-controlled technology, Google Home’s virtual ‘voice command’ assistance, and an array of smartphone apps that help you learn and adapt to reach #yourgoals.

Our job is to educate and help you choose the right solutions. We can make recommendations, help you set up and configure your equipment, integrate it into your home, and provide training for you and your family or carer. It’s a team effort – together, we can find new ways to make life easier.

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Life changing ability

Life changing ability Equipment is about moving you, perhaps in ways you’ve never imagined. The liberation of being able to adjust the room temperature without having to ask someone for help. The excitement of going to the local shops by yourself. The relief and happiness of realising the game you loved playing isn’t lost to you forever. Taking charge in your life feels incredibly empowering, gifting you a sense of freedom and optimism you may not have felt for a long time. Let’s see what’s possible.

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