Posture Tech

Custom made supports especially for you.

Posture Tech – short for Postural Technology – are your partners in custom made support equipment that open the world to you, and it’s endless possibilities.

Move, travel, and explore with the comfort and support you need, that is as unique as you.

An experienced, innovative team of technicians, upholsterers and support personnel will partner with you, your therapists and your family, carer or support worker (where required) to create a wheelchair or lying support moulded to your shape, ensuring ideal posture and comfort.

Close up image of posture technology in a room. A black piece of equipment with blue railing.

Our team go to great lengths to ensure your comfort:

  • 3D scanning and computer numerical control (CNC) foam cutting to create a unique support made just for you
  • Ensuring no seams are present in pressure areas
  • Using a variety of hi-tech fabrics to avoid heat retention, including bamboo and Outlast – designed for NASA to keep astronauts cool.
  • The Posture Tech team use their extensive skills and technology to manufacture bespoke mounts, holders and hand grips via 3D printing when off–the-shelf options are unavailable, and specialise in mounting of portable ventilators to wheelchairs.

To start your journey to a custom Posture Tech support, contact us.


Posture Tech is a division of Rocky Bay Equipment that specialises in custom seating and lying supports, such as powered wheelchairs. Working in partnership with you and your therapy specialists, the team will create a chair that is designed and built to your exact requirements for maximum comfort.

After a referral from your medical professional, a typical process for creating a custom postural support for you looks like this:

1. Initial consultation with your therapist, family or carer and a Posture Tech technician

2. Fitting session. You will be fitted for a support, moulded to your body using advanced technology

3. Manufacture. The Posture Tech team will get to work building your support, using the 3D scan to ensure your comfort

4. Trial period. Take you almost-finished chair home for a week or two to ensure it meets your needs

5. Completion and handover. Our team will make any necessary adjustments, complete the upholstery and add the final touches – like your choice of colours!

Mobile and on-site maintenance is available via Rocky Bay Equipment, click here to learn more about Rock Bay Equipment Maintenance.

You can access our services if you have an NDIS plan, Disability Services Commission funding, Medicare or if you want to fund your own services. You may be able to access services using private health funds. We can also support you through the planning process if you do not have a plan already.

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