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Staying in your home and making the most of daily living is made possible with Rocky Bay and home modifications.
These can be relatively simple, such as installing handrails or ramps, or more complex changes such as widening doorways or modifying bathrooms.
A photo of a kitchen which has been modified to improve accessibility in a home. This includes a modified white basin and sink as well as appropriate height wooden kitchen cabinets.

You may be eligible for NDIS funding to help cover the costs involved. The entire home modification process can be a lengthy and daunting experience especially if there are complex, structural changes to be made. The good news is Rocky Bay is here to help you throughout the process, from assessment and application, through to the design and build phases.

Start the journey today with Rocky Bay’s team of Complex Home Modifications Assessors (CHMA), who will support you to assess your needs, recommend solutions, keep the project moving and avoid setbacks and delays where possible.


Changes or additions to your home that make it safer and more accessible, so you can maximise your space and daily living. This could be additional handrails and ramps, through to bathroom renovations and door widening for wheelchair access.

After an initial home assessment by a Rocky Bay Complex Home Modifications Assessor, a submission is made to NDIA to apply for the funds to complete the work. On approval, you can select a project manager to help direct the project and liaise with the builder and trades people who conduct the works.

If you have Project Manager, Complex Home Modifications or Transdisciplinary packages allocated in your current NDIS plan, you may qualify for home modifications.

Home modifications refers to changes made to your existing property. SDA refers to new, purpose built homes. You may be required to investigate home modifications first, before being considered for SDA funding.

That depends. There are many factors that influence the project timeline for home modifications, including the complexity of the changes and the time it takes to get funding approvals. Typically home modifications take between six months and two years to complete.

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