R82 Flamingo Commode - Size 1

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The Flamingo is a toilet/bathing chair suitable for children and youngsters. The seat can be tilted and the back can be angled. The Flamingo can therefore assist children with special needs with their seating posture. The Flamingo is easy to clean and facilitates personal hygiene. It is adjustable in height and it can be placed over the toilet or can be used with a pan.

Product Features:

  • Height adjustable to save carers backs
  • Height/angle adjustable footrest
  • Padded, swing away laterals
  • Recline and tilt functions
  • Removable head rest
  • Padded H-harness
  • Four orbital, locking castors


  • Max length: 710mm
  • Max width: 450mm
  • Height: adjustable
  • Seat width: 240mm
  • Seat depth: 250mm
  • Backrest height: 350mm
  • Max user weight: 35kg

S/N: 451296
Product No. 0813, Location; 13B

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