Invacare Birdie Compact

Invacare Birdie Compact Hoist

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  • Birdie Evo Compact is simple to fold, unfold, and dismantle without tools. This makes it very easy to handle. The hoist takes up minimal space when stored and is easy to push and transport. If required, the mast and boom can also be easily detached from the base for easy transportation without any tools required. Below are some key features of the Invacare Birdie Compact:
  • Emergency stop, lowering, and integrated charger: Manual or electric emergency lowering (compact version only electric lowering). The control box is supplied with a detachable or fixed battery.
  • Manual leg spread: Users can simply step on the pedal to adjust the leg spread.
  • Long boom – high user comfort: The client can easily be rotated and positioned. This reduces the risk of injury to the knees.
  • Easy to fold and dismantle: Allows for ease of transportation and storage. No tools required when folding/unfolding or when dismantling the hoist.
  • Mounted spreader bar: This Allows correct and safe positioning of the spreader bar.


  • Width: 520mm
  • Width: 1100mm
  • Height: Adjustable
  • Maximum Weight: 150kg
  • Total Weight: 36kg

Product No: 479, 5A

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