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Prime Kidwalk Walker Size 1

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KidWalk enables children to be participants in their world, not as observers, thru hands free, self-initiated exploration. Independent, self-initiated movement is the key to developing cognitive, language and motor skills, learning spatial relationships, and exploring the world. Walking is one of the most complex skills to master but also one of the most valuable activities for the physical and emotional development of children. KidWalk supports these vital steps in early childhood development by allowing a child with limited mobility to experience independent hands-free exploration.

  • Dynamic movement- the entire support system moves up and down, side to side, and rotational
  • Pelvic support is adjustable in all three planes
  • System dials in to maximize Pelvic symmetry
  • Many adjustments can be made with child in KidWalk
  • Mid-wheel location for better control and smaller turning radius


  • Width: 235mm
  • Seat Height: 558mm
  • Maximum Weight: 29kg

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